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senior masters kowkabany About UsChief Master Laura Kowkabany and Sr. Master David Kowkabany are nationally recognized as one of the best husband and wife teaching teams in the country! Together, they have 75 years of martial arts training, and over 55 years experience in teaching children and adults. As the owners of Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts Center , they still teach 95% of the class schedule. They specialize in providing the highest quality instruction in the martial arts, using the copyrighted programs of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), the proven leader in family martial arts training. With their seniority in rank, the Kowkabanys retain the authority to certify their instructors with internationally recognized credentials, and to promote their students up through the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Chief Master Laura Kowkabany began her training in Taekwondo in 1973 while she was in junior high school. She studied secondary education at Florida State University, and began teaching Taekwondo full-time in 1983. In 1999, she became one of the first four women in the United States to earn the title of Master Instructor; in 2006, the title of Senior Master, and in 2013 her current title of Chief Master. In 2012, Chief Master Kowkabany earned her current rank of 8th Degree Black Belt, and after 40 years of training has been inducted into the ATA Hall of Fame. During her years of competition, she won World Champion Titles in Traditional Forms and in Traditional Weapons, and was consistently ranked in the Final Four in Sparring. Master Kowkabany specializes in teaching the Karate for Kids and Tiny Tiger programs and is a favorite with children and parents alike. Master Kowkabany has also been recognized for her teaching excellence by being named “Instructor of the Year” out of 1500 schools. Master Kowkabany also carries Protech Instructor certifications in Single and Double Ssahng Jeol Bong (nunchuks), Single and Double Bahng Mahng Ee (stick fighting), Pressure Point Control Tactics, Ssahng Nat (kamas), Spontaneous Knife Defense, Kickboxing, Jahng Bong (bo staff) and Advanced Jahng Bong, Oh Sung Do (Chinese broadsword) Tai Chi, and holds a current Instructor Certification in Warrior Krav Maga. Master Kowkabany has also been a member of the ATA’s national Protech Staff for 15 years, and teaches weapons certification clinics to instructors around the country.

Senior Master David Kowkabany began his martial arts training while at the University of Florida in 1980, originally studying the Japanese martial arts. After graduating with a degree in communications from UNF, he began studying Taekwondo, earning his ATA instructor’s certification in 1990. A frequent competitor at the regional and national level, Master Kowkabany is a State Champion in Weapons, and currently holds the position of international judge. In 2011, he earned his 7th Degree Black Belt, and in 2012, his current title of Senior Master. Master Kowkabany also carries the Protech Instructor certifications for Olympic Sparring, Spontaneous Knife Defense, Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention, Pressure Point Control Tactics, Jahng Bong (bo staff), Advanced Jahng Bong, Bullying Prevention, and holds a current Instructor Certification in Warrior Krav Maga. He is also an Assistant National Tournament Director for the ATA, and serves as a Regional Protech Instructor in Combat Weapons Sparring.