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Questions and Answers on Child Safety

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON CHILD SAFETY What are the most important things that parents and guardians should discuss with their children about this issue? First, children should always check with their parents or a trusted adult before they go anywhere, accept anything, or get into a car with anyone. This applies to older children as […]

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Important Tips to Keep Children Safe

IMPORTANT TIPS FOR PARENTS AND GUARDIANS TO HELP KEEP THEIR CHILDREN SAFER! Many parents feel that they are faced with new and unprecedented challenges when trying to keep their children safe in today’s fast-paced and increasingly global society. In response to these challenges, the American Taekwondo Association offers these commonsense, general safety tips to help […]

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Board Breaking Clinic

Board breaking has long been a staple of training in Taekwondo, Karate, and many other traditional martial arts. The reason behind breaking boards is to demonstrate the martial arts student’s power, as well as his/her focus, under stressful conditions.On August 28th, 40 students at Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts Center in Tampa, Florida worked on developing […]

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