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Fall Nationals in Disney World

If you missed this world-class martial arts tournament, you can still watch the ATA Invitational on ESPN3 or through! Team Kowkabany has eighteen students from our Tampa, Florida location competing in the ATA Fall Nationals in Disney World this coming weekend!! There are two main days of events, starting with an amazing line-up of […]

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Combat Weapons Sparring Clinic

We had a great time during our Combat Weapons Sparring Clinic on Tuesday, July 31st. We had Tiny Tigers, Karate Kids and even high-rank Black Belts participating; everyone worked on basic martial arts weapons techniques, and even learned a few specialty attacks like the dragon and the golden rooster. Senior Masters Laura and David Kowkabany […]

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Board Breaking Clinic

Board breaking has long been a staple of training in Taekwondo, Karate, and many other traditional martial arts. The reason behind breaking boards is to demonstrate the martial arts student’s power, as well as his/her focus, under stressful conditions.On August 28th, 40 students at Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts Center in Tampa, Florida worked on developing […]

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