4th Annual Masters’ Challenge!

kowkabany laura karate tampa fitness1 4th Annual Masters’ Challenge!Are you ready for THE FOURTH ANNUAL MASTERS’ CHALLENGE?!! This is your chance to become your best– physically, mentally and spiritually! Senior Masters Laura and David Kowkabany truly believe that the martial arts, when taught correctly, can truly improve all areas of your life! Do you have any special “dreams” that have fallen to the wayside as work and the passing years have pushed them out of your mind? By following this program developed in our Tampa, Florida location, you can recapture those dreams and turn them into real achievements! Last year, we challenged our martial artists (and even a few of their parents and spouses) with our 12-week Masters’ Challenge worksheets. This challenge helped many of our Adult Students and our Karate Kids achieve personal victories, including weight loss, high-rank promotions, tournament rankings, noticeable improvements on the sparring floor, and even improved relationships at home! This year, we have reduced our challenge back into an 8-week course, a hardcore 2-month program that will work to improve your Taekwondo basics, your sparring, your forms, as well as helping you to drop weight and add muscle while improving your endurance! Our group goal will be to get into top physical condition by the middle of March!  (Now would be a good time to schedule your annual physical for April!) We want to challenge you physically and mentally, and if you will stick to the challenge, we guarantee you will be thrilled with the results. You will also have a support group of our entire Instruction Staff as well as that of your fellow students! This is a FREE event for all of our students, their friends and family members; however, you MUST have the DESIRE and COMMITMENT to improve and to become your best. We want your full commitment for 56 days! From daily push-ups, stretching and abs work, to performing good deeds, watching wildlife, and reading books, if you will truly commit to this challenge, you will be amazed at the positive changes you will see in all aspects of your life! This program can jump-start your new year, and even your life!! Resolutions are simply wishes that fade within days and weeks. We will be focusing on GOALS!! You will write them down, short- and long-term, and they can serve as an amazing catalyst towards changing your life. This will be a sign-up event, so that we can prepare the proper number of training journals and a tracking log. Don’t worry about limitations, don’t stress over your present condition, this is all about individual improvement and challenges that can be personalized for YOU specifically! That is important– some of our martial artists will do every item on the challenge worksheets 7 days a week, while for others, they may only choose a few items to focus on, and will work them three days on and one day off, or perhaps even every other day. Sr. Master David Kowkabany will spend a few minutes with every student who is accepting the challenge of the Kowkabany Masters to help you to determine how to tailor this program specifically for YOU!! Are you up for it?? If you’re interested, please send an email to Senior Master DK, sign-up on Facebook, or stop in the office and put your name on the list. The first two weeks of January will be used to finalize the structure of the challenge, to prepare materials, and to make sure that everyone has a chance to ask questions and get registered. The challenge itself will begin on Monday, January 21st (you do not need to be in class that day to do the program, materials will be given out beforehand) and will end on Sunday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day). If you are serious about weight loss… we strongly suggest that you come into our office to weigh-in before the program starts, and then again each week. (Don’t worry, your weight is just between you and the Senior Masters.) This is a BIG key for those wishing to lose weight, and it’s also part of what has made the Weight Watchers program so successful. Along with weekly weigh-ins, we will also request that you maintain a food journal, either through a smartphone app or in a notebook. If there is sufficient interest, we can also run a weight-loss contest! As your instructors, we are committed to helping you to become your best, physically, mentally and spiritually! The Masters’ Challenge will be an excellent tool to start on the right path in 2013!! God has endowed you with special gifts that only YOU can use!! Make this the year to explore and develop them!! Start making a list of what you would really like to accomplish in the next few months, as well as what you would like to achieve in the coming years. That will be a vital part of designing your worksheets and in maintaining your motivation!! Please join us as we work together to make this our best year ever!

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