This Week in Photos!

Kowkabany family martial arts tampa florida1 This Week in Photos!It’s been a very exciting week at Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts in Tampa, Florida, with everyone in back-to-school mode! We’ve seen a number of our martial arts students who were away for the Summer return to their regular karate lessons, and we are starting a new testing cycle in preparation for the next Rank Testing to be held on October 10th & 11th. As with any martial art, regular attendance, perseverance and a set schedule are the key to progressing through the ranks, as well as the key to building muscle memory and improving power and reaction times. Higher ranks should also practice a few times per week on their own. Here are some photos taken at random during a few of our martial arts lessons this week! We hope that you enjoy them! karate kids yellow belts1 This Week in Photos! Our Karate Kids basic class started working on the Songahm Forms this week, with the Yellow Belts working on Songahm III. karate-kids-camo-green Our Camouflage and Green Belts learning the opening segments of Songahm IV. karate-stretching-high-ranks After working on jump reverse inner crescent kicks (aka “butterfly kicks”), the high ranks spent some time stretching!

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