Combat Weapons Sparring Clinic

web c71 Combat Weapons Sparring ClinicWe had a great time during our Combat Weapons Sparring Clinic on Tuesday, July 31st. We had Tiny Tigers, Karate Kids and even high-rank Black Belts participating; everyone worked on basic martial arts weapons techniques, and even learned a few specialty attacks like the dragon and the golden rooster. Senior Masters Laura and David Kowkabany lead this special lesson in our Tampa, Florida location, with assistance from three of Team Kowkabany’s most accomplished martial artists, Mr. Michael La Cross, Mr. Matt Kloskowski, and Ms. Bianca Siegenthaler. Here are some photos from this exciting clinic! web c11 Combat Weapons Sparring Clinic One of the first techniques we taught was the Dragon, which involves a fake to the body followed by a jump to the side and an angular attack. While we practiced with weapons, this same strategy applies to advanced sparring in karate and most other martial arts.


That was quickly followed by the Golden Rooster, with a strike to the wrist, followed by an overhead strike to the head. web-c3 The Crocodile is the perfect counter to the Rooster, dropping to one knee to strike the opponent’s legs. Finally, we worked on the Scorpion, two upward angular strikes coming up opposite sides of the opponent’s body. After some practice, then it was time to spar trying to work in the new techniques. Lots of action, lots of fun!! web-c4 web-c5 If you haven’t tried this yet, be warned… it is fun, fast-paced, and extremely addictive! We are also going to include Combat Weapons Sparring in all of our regular classes, including our Tiny Tiger and Karate for Kids programs, so there will be ample opportunity for using your new weapon in your weekly training!!

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