“Friday Night Sparring!!” kowkabany karate tampa florida demo Syd 300x225 Videos!!Attention Karate Kids, Tiny Tigers, Adult Students and everyone else who loves martial arts videos! We have finally set-up our YouTube account!! Here you’ll see a mix of Friday Night Sparring videos, warm-ups from one of our traditonal martial arts lessons, an ATA parody of gangnam style (ATA Songahm Style), as well as Jeni Chaney’s weapons performance during the demo at our 15th Anniversary Celebration at our Tampa, Florida location. If you like martial arts, and the exciting dynamics of ATA Taekwondo, you’ll want to check out this section! Please be sure to check back often for updates to our video library. We’ll be adding videos from tournaments, demos, karate lessons, taekwondo testings, and from the training sessions of our leadership team. Here is a list of the videos you can see! Please feel free to share this link with your friends! And our latest videos are…

Friday Sparring – Jan 25th – Tournament Practice

Which is faster, the punch or the reverse hook kick? Tournament practice in our Tampa, Florida location, with two excellent Black Belts working on strategy.

Friday Teens – Black Belt Sparring – Jan 25th

Our Black Belt teenagers show a mix of footwork and speed in the Adult Sparring class on Friday night. As always, what happens in the ring, stays in the ring. If you are friends before the match, you should still be friends after the match!

Friday Sparring Jan 18 – Black Belt Men

This is an excellent demonstration of Black Belt martial artists sparring in our Tampa Florida location, with a shorter opponent working to get inside the guard of a taller opponent. Great action, good fun, good friends!

Friday Sparring Jan 18 – Black Belt Girls

Our Black Belt girls are accomplished martial artists, and they bring a combination of speed and aggressiveness to the sparring floor. Notice the fast combinations they throw, and how even after being hit, it doesn’t slow down their attacks. Very impressive action!

Friday Night Sparring Class 2012!

Free Sparring is a key element in training for all serious, traditional martial artists. While we practice sparring throughout the week, on Friday nights, we have lessons that are dedicated solely to sparring for an hour straight. At times, we will focus on classroom sparring, and at others, we will trade harder hits (full safety gear is always worn) to better simulate self-defense. This particular video shows more focus on ATA tournament sparring, working on setting-up an opponent with the front leg, and then following up with additional techniques to “score.”

Warm-ups from Family Karate Class

Our Family Class is an excellent way for Karate Kids and Adults alike to enjoy their lessons together. Our martial arts classes are designed to challenge everyone, physically and mentally, regardless of their age or athletic level.

Jeni Chaney Performs with Ssahng Nats

The Ssahng Nats are a Korean weapon, but they are also found in other tradtional martial arts styles like Karate. These are a very popular performance weapon with our Adult students as well as with the Karate Kids who enjoy the ATA tournament circuit!

ATA Songahm Gangnam Style

There are some great highlights from Fall Nationals in this video, and it’s an excellent parody as well! Hope you enjoy it!

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