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TOURNAMENT GUIDELINES Blog tournament ATA District ChampionshipsWe should have several martial artists from Team Kowkabany’s Tampa, Florida location competing for state titles, district titles, and for the World Championship this year! As the ATA District Championships are new, the following rules have been released explaining the procedures and how this tournament will differ from our regular ATA Regional and World tournaments. Martial arts competitors from Florida will compete at the District Championships in Atlanta, Georgia on June 8th. Please pay attention to the registration procedures and guidelines in the rules listed below. The following are the guidelines for the 2013 District Championships. 2013 Districts – (District boundaries will be evaluated annually and may change in subsequent years) The following districts are based upon the 2012-2013 tournament season’s total number of competitors in each state’s Top 10 list (Color Belts and Black Belts) as of December 1, 2012. The anticipated travel distance and time for competitors and judges was also taken into consideration. It is anticipated that there will be a possible 8-10% growth in total participants eligible between Jan. 1, 2013 and April 30, 2013, the last tournament date of the season. For the purpose of these guidelines, participants are only count-ed once, even though they may be eligible for multiple types of competition. The states comprising each district, along with the City and Date for that District Championship Tournament, are as follows: Northeast District: June 1st, 2013 – Downingtown, Pennsylvania Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia Total Eligible Competitors: 853 Southeast District: June 8th, 2013 – Atlanta, Georgia Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina Total Eligible Competitors: 1415 Mid-Atlantic District: June 1st , 2013 – Chicago, Illinois Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin Total Eligible Competitors: 1039 South District: June 8th, 2013 – Mesquite, Texas Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico Total Eligible Competitors: 927 North District: June 1st, 2013 – To Be Announced Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa Total Eligible Competitors: 388 Southwest District: 4 June 1st, 2013 – Temecula, California California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah Total Eligible Competitors: 1202 Midwest District: June 8th, 2013 – Kansas City, Missouri Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma Total Eligible Competitors: 729 Northwest District: June 1st, 2013 – Seattle, Washington Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Mon-tana, All of Canada Total Eligible Competitors: 393 ELIGIBILITY Any student, Color Belt or Black Belt, who is listed in their state as a “State Top Ten” competitor for one or more of the 8 types of competitions is eligible to compete in the District Championships. When the final State Top Ten points are posted on the ATA Official Website, (expected date of final posting is May 14, 2013) students listed in the each competition category become eligible in that category with the following provisions: In order to compete in this event, an eligible competitor must: 1. Be a enrolled in an official Leadership program with ATA International Headquarters and a student in good standing, training regularly in a licensed ATA School or Club. 2. Obtain his/her instructor’s permission to compete in this event. Permission to compete in previous competitions does not automatically apply to the District Championship Tournament. 3. Have a current ATA membership. 3-A. Expired ATA memberships will be auto renewed during the registration process. 3-B. The fees associated with this auto-renewal will be added to the registration fees due at the time the registration process is completed. 4. Be listed in his/her state’s top ten for the event in which he/she tries to register. Example: A student eligible in Traditional Forms may not qualify to be eligible to compete in Traditional Weapons, and would not be allowed to compete in Weapons at the Districts. 5. Be listed as a Camo Belt or higher in rank by May 25th, 2013 in the ATA data base kept current by the testing department of the ATA International Headquarters. It is highly recommended that all licensees have any May testing results delivered to HQ by May 15th, 2013 to assure that all belt ranks are current in the ATA data base to insure that their students are able to complete the online registration process by the deadline. These belt ranks will be auto-checked by the online registration process. The registration process will not complete for any competitor who does not meet the appropriate belt requirement. The information in the ATA HQ data base is the information that will apply to eligibility. 6. 1st Degree Recommended Black Belts pose some possible unique situations. The following rules, 6A-6C, apply only to those 1st Degree Recommended Black Belts competing in the District Championships: (6-A) 1st Degree Decided black belt students who attain their rank ON OR BEFORE March 30th, but have qualified for the Districts as a Color Belt State Champ WILL NOT be able to compete at the 2013 District Championships as a Color Belt. Those individuals will be allowed to compete at the Districts ONLY IF they earn enough points to qualify as a First Degree Decided Black Belt. (6-B) 1st Degree Decided black belt students who attain their rank AFTER MARCH 30th, and have qualified for the Districts as a Color Belt State Champ, WILL BE allowed to compete in the Color Belt division of the Districts. However, if this competitor wins a Color Belt District Champion Division, he/she WILL NOT be added to the list of eligible competitors (as a black belt) for the World Champion Top Ten “Tournament of Champions” competition. Color Belt points WILL NOT move to the black belt divisions for any eligibility purpose. (THE ABOVE RULES, (6-A ) and/or (6-B), DO NOT APPLY TO ANY OTHER BLACK BELT RANK) (6-C) It is possible for a 1st Degree Decided Black Belt, who attains their rank after March 30th to qualify both in Color Belt and Black Belt Divisions for the Districts. Only in this scenario, would the final decision, regarding in which division the student should compete, rest solely with the Instructor of that competitor. The instructor is the most qualified person to determine the competition level of the student in this situation. (ATA International Headquarters will not “over ride” the decision made by the competitor’s Instructor.) If the decision, made by the competitor’s instructor in this scenario, is for the student to compete as a color belt, then the student may only compete as a color belt. If the decision is to compete as a Black Belt, then the student may only compete as a Black Belt. It is not the intention of this guideline to infer that an instructor may always choose for a competitor to compete “up or down” in a belt rank. This scenario is unique only to the district championships and may not be used in any other tournament throughout the year. Example: Mr. John Competitor, who attained his rank on April 1st, 2013, qualifies in forms and sparring as both a Color Belt and a Black Belt. Mr. Competitor must either compete as a Black Belt or a Color Belt for the Districts. He may not compete in both at that tournament. His/her instructor will make that decision as he trains his student. The student may NOT compete in forms as a color belt and in sparring as a black belt. See required forms in the “Additional Guidelines” section. (THE ABOVE RULE, (6-C), DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY OTHER BLACK BELT RANK) 7. Register online by 11:59PM May 25th, 2013. The new online registration process for this event will go live on/or before May 15, 2013. Onsite registrations will NOT be allowed. All registration fees are the responsibility of the competitor. SPECIAL NOTE: Once the online registration is complete, the competitor will not be allowed to change the decision regarding which rank to compete. The assumption will be that the competitor did in fact consult with his/her instructor prior to registration. If an instructor informs headquarters that the student did not have his/her permission to compete prior to registration, the competitor will be disqualified from that year’s District Championship Tournament. 8. If a competitor cancels his/her registration prior to May 30th, 2013, a full refund will be sent to the person whose credit/debit card paid for the event. This is not an ’automatic” refund from the registration site. A check will be cut from ATA Headquarters accounting department after the District Championships are completed. 9. Ring Assignments, divisions, brackets etc. will be announced, posted online, and emailed to registered competitors on May 31st, 2013. REFUNDS will not be given after the rings assignments, divisions, brackets etc. are announced. ELIGIBILITY – continued The Rules and Regulations for the 2012-2013 tournament season will be enforced with the following additional guideline and/or changes uniquely in place for the District Championships. 1. Black Belts who qualify in 2 different rank divisions will follow the same rules currently used for the World Champion Top Ten “Tournament of Champions” Competition. The Black Belt must compete in the higher rank division. (1-A) For the District Championships only, the “regular season” rules regarding which material a black may use for competition will be in force. It should be remembered that a 2nd Degree Recommended Black Belt MUST compete in the 2nd/3rd Degree Division, but must still compete using the 1st Degree Forms. Recommended 2nd Degrees may use the double Weapons material. At the Worlds Top Ten TOC competitions, competitors must be Decided Black Belts, and perform the material for his/her rank division. Example: At the District Championships, a 1st Degree Decided Black Belt may compete with Chung Jung 2 (red belt) material in a 1st Degree division provided he/she has not been a 1st Degree Decided longer than 6 months. 2. A competitor WILL NOT be allowed to compete in one rank/belt division for one type of event, such as forms or sparring etc., and a different rank/belt division for another type of event. Example: A person who qualifies as a 1st Degree in Forms, but as a 2nd Degree in Sparring, may not compete in both. He/She, in consultation with his/her instructor, must choose, prior to registering for the Districts, whether to be a 1st Degree competitor or a 2nd Degree Competitor for this tournament. 3. If a Black Belt becomes eligible for the same event in two different rank divisions, he/she must compete at the higher rank for the day. In this case, it is not a decision made by his/her instructor, the competitor, or his/her guardian. SPECIAL NOTE: The same rules used to determine how Black Belt World Top Ten points are accumulated apply to all Color Belt and Black Belt competitors to determine eligibility in Districts as a “State Top Ten” competitor. 4. The order of competitors at the District Championships will be done by random draw, and generated by the program currently in place at ATA Headquarters. A competitors “State Top Ten” placement will have no bearing in determining which competitor name is called first or last. 5. In both Traditional Sparring and Combat Weapons Sparring if it is necessary to award one or more BYES, then the byes will be awarded in random fashion as well. If a competitor has been given a bye, and then does not show up for his/her competition, the bracket WILL NOT be redrawn. It is possible in this case, where there are multiple “no shows”, for a competitor to reach the finals without ever actually sparring an opponent. 6. Black Belts who win the title of District Champion will be added to the “Top Ten” list and become eligible for the 2012-2013 Tournament of Champions (TOC). ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES MULTIPLE RINGS – SAME AGE/RANK/EVENT/DIVISIONS In order to produce 1 District Champion per age/rank division in each event, the following will occur: 1. The winner of each ring in that division will go to a separate ring, not one of the same rings, for the sole purpose to determine who between those “Ring Winners” is to be named the “District Champion”. There will only be one District Champion per Age/Rank division and type of event, even though there may be multiple rings. The medals given to the 2nd and 3rd place competitors in each ring will not change, which means there may be multiple 2nd and 3rd place winners in each division. 2. Each Ring winner will perform his/her material one time for these judges, and the judges will “point” to the winner. No scores will be given in this situation. The winner will be given the 1st Place medal, and awarded the title of District Champion. The other “Ring Winners” will be awarded 2nd Place medals. 3. In Traditional Sparring and Combat Weapons Sparring, the “Ring Winners” will spar one additional match in the new ring to determine the District Champion. (3-A) If there are more than two “Ring Winners” the judges for that ring will determine the number of byes, and the byes will again be awarded by random selection. The matches will then be run using the regular ATA tournament sparring bracket. ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES – continued The following will apply to those competitors who are listed in the final postings as having qualified to participate in the TOC based on the points he/she has earned during the regular season prior to the District Championships. 1. Black Belts who have achieved a World Top Ten “ranking” of #1 thru #5 during the regular 2012-2013 season in Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Xtreme Forms, and Xtreme Weapons, will retain those rankings and will be called as the last 5 competitors. 2. The reverse order rule will apply for those 1-5 rankings. 3. Individuals ranked #6 through #10 in Top Ten prior to the TOC will be combined with the District Champions in each age/rank division. These Black Belts will be called in random order. The random order will be computer generated and posted online after registration for the World Tournament of Champions Registration is closed. 4. In Traditional Sparring and Combat Weapons Sparring, those Black Belts who have achieved a #1 thru #5 Top Ten ranking during the regular 2012-2013 season will be the first persons eligible to receive a bye should one be available. EXAMPLE: The #1 ranked person at the end of the regular season would receive the 1st bye, the #2 ranked person the 2nd bye, etc. 5. The number of competitors in the ring may preclude the necessity of byes. The following will apply to all TOC competitors: 1. The Tournament of Champions may have rings with more than 16 competitors. 2. International TOC competitors will be added to the list of competitors in the same manner used in previous Top Ten events. 3. Black Belts who qualify for the Tournament of Champions will be notified by the Tournament Department of the ATA International Headquarters. Notification will be attempted via website postings, email, phone, and instructor notifications.

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