ATA Fall Nationals at Disney World!

ATA Fall Nationals – October 16th – 19th – Disney’s Wide World of Sports


Schedule: Wednesday (16th) and Thursday (17th) will not be competition days, but instead will be for seminars, meetings, etc. (Chief Master LK will be teaching, Sr. Master DK will be training, both will attend meetings).   Friday the 18th will be a very busy day, and students may wish to attend as spectators: 7:30 Onsite Registration opens   9:00 – 11:00 National Black Belt testing   11:00 – 1:00 6th & 7th Degree Black Belts compete   11:00 – 2:00 Creative and Xtreme Forms and Weapons competition (non-traditional competitions, including forms done to music, some gymnastics and “xtreme” moves)   2:30 Demo Team competitions – Team Sync and Team Demo   7:00 TryATA Invitational on ESPN3 Competition—this is an invite-only competition (all are welcome to watch), showcasing the top performers around the country, which will also be broadcast online via ESPN3   Saturday the 19th will be the primary day for our students to compete, and is the traditional competition day for all Tiny Tigers and White through 3rd Degree Black Belts kids and adults (possibly some 4th/5th Degrees as well), who will compete in traditional forms, one-step sparring (white to yellow belts), traditional free sparring, traditional weapons, and combat weapons. Onsite Registration opens at 7:00, Opening Ceremonies begin at 8:00, tournament runs from 8:00am to 6:00pm   Registration: For those who are pre-registered, about a week before the competition, you ring assignments will be posted online. We will also have a sheet listing all of our competitors and their assignments available as a handout at the school, so that you will be able to watch other members of Team Kowkabany compete.   Online Registration is now closed, however, if you still wish to compete, you may register onsite. For more information, please see Sr. Master David Kowkabany.   Spectator Fees: As this event is held on Disney property at the Wide World of Sports Complex, your entrance fee will also provide you with access to other areas of the complex. Entrance fees are: one-day for adults – $16; kids ages 3-9 – $11; for ‘length of event’ adults – $32; kids ages 3-9 – 16.   In regards to accommodations, this is left up to the individual. Some of our students will simply drive over early on Saturday morning, while others will stay for the weekend and even spend some time in the parks. For those interested in watching the action, Friday will provide some great events, and Saturday will be the time to watch your fellow students perform. There will be two tournament floors: the main events will be held in the “HP Fieldhouse” arena, and on Saturday only students in uniform will be able to be at ringside, with all others sitting in the stands. On Saturday, all Tiny Tigers (as well as some color and black belts) will compete in the second arena, the “Jostens Center,” which allows for parents and spectators to sit at ringside.   These two arenas are side-by-side, and easy to find as soon as you enter Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  For those interested in getting tournament t-shirts, we suggest purchasing them early, as they frequently sell-out.

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