Leadership Clinic- Knife, Gun, Escrima

Kowkabany LK Clark karate tampa1 300x216 Leadership Clinic  Knife, Gun, EscrimaAt Tampa ATA Martial Arts, we will have a training camp on Saturday, March 23rd, open to all of our Leadership and Master Club students. This clinic will feature gun defense techniques that have been developed in the Krav Maga system and refined by ATA Senior Instructors who have worked with our Navy Seals. The knife training will cover offensive and defensive techniques, as developed by ATA’s Protech Instructors and taught in the certification course, Spontaneous Knife Defense. This advanced training curriculum is based on techniques found in the Filipino systems. Chief Master Laura Kowkabany, 8th Degree Black Belt and International Protech Instructor, will lead the training with the Escrima sticks, also known in the Korean systems as the Bahng Mahng Ees. Students and Instructors attending this course will train with wooden sticks, and will learn from the single and double stick curriculum. In the afternoon, we will also work on basic combatives developed by Chief Master William Clark, 8th Degree Black Belt and head of the ATA’s Masters’ Council. These techniques are designed to develop hard striking techniques for close-in self-defense. The camp will finish with traditional Taekwondo free-sparring, so participants should bring their sparring gear. This camp will run from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and will be held at our location at 13910 Monroes Business Park, Tampa, FL 33635. Attendance will be limited to 25 students, and lunch will be included. Students will be provided with a basic package of training weapons, some of which will be utilized in their regular martial arts classes. All participants should dress in “blacks,” (warm-up pants, t-shirt, and athletic shoes), as some of our training will be conducted out of doors. Those attending must pre-register, and attendance is limited to Leadership and Master Club students currently active at Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts Center. For more information, please call us at 813-891-0624.

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