Team Kowkabany’s Toastmasters Club

toastmasters karate tampa kowkabany leaders taekwondo Team Kowkabany’s Toastmasters ClubToastmasters International has now chartered Team Kowkabany’s Gavel Club of Tampa, Florida! Our first formal meetings began in February, and we now have approximately 15 of our students who are working to develop their Communication and Leadership skills. In case you are wondering how public speaking and the ability to effectively communicate applies to martial artists, here is a brief outline of why Sr. Master David Kowkabany wanted to start this club. We will also explain the benefits of joining us for the classes, what you can expect, and when the meetings will be held. At Tampa ATA Martial Arts, we have spent many years working to develop our students mentally as well as physically; and to develop our students not only into accomplished Black Belts, but also to develop them into Leaders!! Our Leadership Program and Certified Instructor Training are excellent programs for developing our students who wish to become Instructors, or simply to develop leadership skills. Being able to effectively communicate your ideas and to share your passion with others is a necessity for anyone who wants to lead, and is certainly a necessity for anyone who wishes to teach others. Even for those who have no aspirations to be in a leadership position, being able to effectively speak to others is an important skill to have (asking for a raise or presenting a project at work, giving presentations in school, or even meeting others in a social setting). As we feel that everyone can benefit from these skills, from White Belts through Masters, we wanted to start a program that was available to all of our active students that focused solely on teaching these two skills, regardless of one’s martial arts experience! After speaking with the staff at Toastmasters International, they suggested we start a Gavel Club.  By doing so, we have now been provided with an abundance of  high-quality support materials they have developed for teaching effective communication and leadership skills. The format of Team Kowkabany’s Gavel Club also allows our Karate Kids to participate alongside the Adults. The only limiting factor for our junior students will be their maturity level and their willingness to participate in the meetings. Currently, our Toastmasters Club is meeting twice a month, on Tuesday evenings from 6:45  to 7:30 p.m. The time is early enough for our Karate Kids to attend, and yet late enough for our Adult Students to arrive after work. We have already started our first round of speeches and evaluations. In addition to learning how to speak in public, students are writing up formal evaluations, learning how to give positive correction and constructive criticism, and learning the protocol of how to run a formal meeting. This is the ideal training ground for those who wish to pursue successful careers in a formal, business environment. We have an excellent leadserhip team in place to mentor the members, as Certified ATA Trainer Mr. David Reed is also a  Toastmasters Leadership Advisor and Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer.  Mr. Michael Edgerley (also an ATA Certified Trainer) has been an active member of Toastmasters for years and has completed his “book” of speeches; and Sr. Master David Kowkabany was active in Toastmasters when he managed a corporate training department. Whether your desire is to be more at ease in social settings, more confident when dealing with your peers at work or in school, or should you be required in your profession to give presentations, this may be just the training that you need. Should you have any questions, please see Sr. Master David Kowkabany, or call us at 813-891-0624.

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Team Kowkabany’s Toastmasters Club is an excellent addition to our leadership training and helps students to develop excellent communications skills.

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