Perseverance For a Lifetime of Success

Ask any Martial Arts Master if he or she has ever considered quitting at some point between White Belt and Master, and you will most likely hear a “yes.” The fact that they have achieved the rank of Master is proof that they overcame this weakness, and instead developed the life skill of Perseverance!

Everybody wants to quit an endeavor at some time in their lives; unfortunately, this habit is frequently fostered by well-intentioned family members or friends who suggest that walking away from the challenge is the right solution.

For parents, the challenge is often deciding between what they know is truly best for their child, versus what is “easier” for the child in the short-term. Everyone wants their kids to be happy; however, children are not equipped with the knowledge and maturity to make decisions in regards to their education and health.

Look back at the achievements in your life which give you the most satisfaction and the most pride—your first diploma or an advanced degree; your professional certifications; building your own business; paying off your mortgage; your 25th wedding anniversary; or even your successful battle against cancer. These are a source of pride because at some point you had to make a choice to keep going when things got tough, when it wasn’t easy, and you had to push yourself past your comfort zone.

This same pride and strength is developed by martial arts students every time they successfully work for… and earn… a new rank. That internal strength carries over into every area of their lives.

As we get older, the challenges get greater, and so do the stakes. If we have been taught from an early age that we can simply walk away and find something new whenever we get bored or when success doesn’t come easily, then that habit begins to take root. This can lead to failed relationships, struggles to finish school, and a lifetime of never discovering the success that God created us to achieve.

The alternative is perseverance, and that’s exactly what we teach at Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts. As with all of our life skills (honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, honor, self-control), perseverance is a learned skill that is reinforced in every class and is taught by all of our Certified Instructors.

If you are looking for a workout that will train you physically and mentally to be your best, or to start your child on the path to success, just give us a call at 813-891-0624 to set-up an appointment.  Sr. Master Kowkabany

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