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Frequently Asked Questions

There truly is no ‘best age’ other than being old enough to follow directions (about age 4) and to work in a classroom setting. The truth is, our students range from ages 4 to 75, and the best time to start is whenever your schedule allows you to attend at least two classes per week on a regular basis. Our classes run year-round, and beginners are welcome at any time!

We specialize in training families, and that requires a safe and positive learning environment. We have been open in Tampa since 1996, and all of our classes are taught by Chief Master Instructors with many years of teaching experience. We do not offer after-school care, as we specialize in professional, traditional martial arts classes designed to help each individual develop their God-given talents to become their very best physically and mentally.

Many of our students start without having any sort of regular exercise routine. You wouldn’t wait until you were already educated to start attending school, and you don’t need to worry about being in shape or knowing anything before starting in the martial arts. Our Certified Master instructors will watch over every aspect of your training to make sure you start at a comfortable pace and then continue to improve. Within the first few weeks, you’ll feel stronger and more alert, and within 6 months, you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your physical strength and well-being.

Our schedule typically offers two class options a day for kids and adults ages 6 and up, with an earlier afternoon class and an evening class. You are not locked into specific training days, you simply come to the two classes that week that work best with your schedule. For our pre-school students (ages 4 – 5) we have three class options per week.

All of our classes are taught by Chief Masters Laura and David Kowkabany, from start to finish. They are 8th Degree Black Belts and ensure a safe, comfortable, and positive family environment in every class. They have been teaching side-by-side for over 35 years.

Yes, you will develop all of the skills necessary to defend yourself, and our self-defense skills are taught at age-appropriate levels. Children will learn how to handle situations they may encounter in the neighborhood or at school, as well as how to stay safe in public situations. Adults will learn reality-based self-defense skills necessary to stay safe in today’s world.

Yes, this has been proven time and time again. The majority of our school-age students make the honor roll year-round, as they have learned how to focus and to set and achieve goals. Our graduating seniors have gone on to a variety of top-level colleges. Black belts who have trained with us have recently graduated from Princeton, Yale, USC, Rice, UF Law School, etc. The skills we teach are useful at any age, but they can be exceptionally helpful to kids in making the most out of their education.