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Every September we begin our third trimester testing cycle, which will include the advanced color belt forms and sparring combinations used to prepare for our October and December Rank Testings. Many of our students use these videos to supplement the work they do in class, and parents can watch the videos to help their Karate Kids practice correctly at home.

There are four distinct sections of training materials below, which are broken out by ranks from lowest (White Belt) to highest (Red Belt). Find the section that correlates to your current rank group to see the videos that will cover the material you will be working on in class.  

Just a reminder, please allow your Certified Master Instructors to introduce you to the new techniques and material in class first, and then use the videos to assist with your at-home practice. The videos are not designed to teach you, they are designed to assist you!

Please allow your Instructor to teach you the proper techniques FIRST, so that you can create the proper habits for loading and execution.

Our suggestion is to simply watch the videos first while listening to the voice-over explanations. Then go through one section slowly, paying attention to the details. Repetition is the key to learning, and the key to developing muscle memory with your techniques. How you practice is important, so practicing with power and perfection will help you to achieve that in our testing performance.

The Sparring Combinations are designed to allow you to throw advanced techniques with fluid motion. While the quality of the techniques is important, so is fluidity and eliminating pauses between the techniques. These combinations are a great way to develop the skills that will make your free sparring more effortless.

When practicing the Songahm forms, the first priority is to develop the quality of each individual technique, and to understand the meaning behind it. With each technique, you should understand where you are striking and/or which area you are defending/blocking. Proper loading and positioning of the hand techniques, as well as the proper foot position and weight shift in the stances is one of the keys to strong techniques. When kicking, you must understand how to properly chamber the kicking leg and position the foot/ankle, as well as having proper body alignment and understanding how to pivot. When you have worked the pattern of the form enough to go through it easily, then you should spend more attention on hand-foot timing, eye contact (focus) and power. The final ‘perfected’ form is a combination of all these pieces, performed with a balance of fluid motion and power.

Remember, the forms that we practice are truly the “art” side of the martial arts, and they can be performed well even through advanced ages. They have been proven to work both sides of the brain, and help with mobility, balance and breathing. For more details on the actual patterns of the forms, as well as the meaning of the Songahm form names, take a look at the bulletin board in the school.

One final reminder, please do not practice material above your rank, as the techniques are designed to build upon each other, as well as to allow the body to develop strength and agility before attempting the advanced techniques. Should you even have any questions about your material, please see one of your Master Instructors.

To view these training videos, simply click on the links below and they will open in a separate tab.


White Belt sparring combinations


White Belt form – Songahm 1


White Belt one steps




In September and October, we will focus on the material in these videos:

(Note: The material you will use in your November and December classes will be listed immediately after this first section.)

Orange-Yellow sparring combinations


Orange Belt form – Songahm 2


Orange Belt One steps


For our November and December classes, Orange and Yellow Belts should use these videos:

Orange-Yellow Sparring Combinations


Yellow Belt Form – Songahm 3


Yellow Belt One Steps





Purple – Blue belt Sparring Combinations


Purple Belt Form – In Wha 1




Brown – Red belt Sparring Combinations


Red Belt form – Choong Jung 2


We hope these training videos will prove helpful and informative! Should you have any questions about your training, please feel ask your Instructor!

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Should you have any questions, please call us at 813-540-5528.