young girl in karate stance


Every September we begin our third trimester testing cycle, which will include the advanced color belt forms and sparring combinations used to prepare for our October and December Rank Testings. Many of our students use these videos to supplement the work they do in class, and parents can watch the videos to help their Karate […]

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KFMA Excels at College Prep!

Yale!  Princeton!  MIT! These are just a few of the schools that have accepted graduating students from Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts over the past few years! USC! Mercer! Penn State! Rice! West Point… and the list really could go on! So what helps a KFMA Black Belt to stand out from the crowd of students […]

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teen boy karate kicking

KFMA COLOR BELTS – At Home Training Resources – May – August 2023

Finding this training article on our website is a good sign that you’ve been working on the KFMA life skills of goal setting and self-discipline that we’ve been working on in class! All of our top student-athletes use these videos to supplement their in-school training with practice at home. The following material and videos will […]

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