girl doing a high kick


With many of our KFMA Kids and Adults supplementing their in-school training by practicing at home, we have put together a collection of training videos that will help with learning their rank-specific material. The videos below are broken out into four separate rank groups: White Belts; Orange and Yellow Belts; Camo, Green and Purple Belts; […]

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two karate students with thumbs up

Virtual Training – KFMA Tigers

This page will provide you with at-home training videos for Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts Tigers program. (Tigers are in our pre-school martial arts program, ages 3 through 6). The drills shown are designed to supplement their training in our academy, and should be done with parental supervision. Ideally, we prefer for all our beginner and […]

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The Importance of Building a Pre-Schooler’s Fine and Gross Motor Skills

One of the first questions many parents ask during the early years of parenthood is how to develop their child, such that they are primed for pre-school and education beyond. Apart from developing their mental faculties and cognitive abilities, something that parents should never ignore is that of fine and gross motor skills. Developing gross […]

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