girl doing a high kick


With many of our KFMA Kids and Adults supplementing their in-school training by practicing at home, we have put together a collection of training videos that will help with learning their rank-specific material. The videos below will help you to prepare for our Summer Rank Testing to be held in June and August of 2022. […]

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Improve Your Child’s Self-Confidence with Karate

Karate is an ancient Japanese martial arts form that became popular worldwide during the 1960s, and today for the vast majority of non-martial artists, “karate” is synonymous with “martial arts.” It continues to be a popular discipline across the globe, especially among children and adolescents. Unlike some styles, karate is easy to teach and learn […]

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Learn Martial Arts to Build your Self-Confidence

More and more people are discovering martial arts therapy used to treat and even cure some disorders relating to body and mind. In one research study, an Israeli Judo Champion-turned- academic taught a modified form of Judo to visually, mentally, and physically-impaired people. As a result of these rigorous practices, the people showed nominal improvement […]

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