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KFMA Forms Resource Guide

The following Songahm Forms are used by our Color Belts in rotation at Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts. These are the traditional forms used in every ATA school around the world, and our only taught by Certified Songahm Instructors.

The material below is provided for reference only, and students are STRONGLY cautioned to learn the techniques and form segments during class FIRST, and then to use the videos below for at-home practice to assist with memorization.

First, here’s a look at the Forms training schedule for each calendar year:

All White Belts will work on Songahm 1, the White Belt form, until they are promoted to Orange Belt.

Orange and Yellow Belts will alternate between Songahm 2 (Orange Belt form) and Songahm 3 (Yellow Belt form). During January-February, May-June and September-October, they will work on Songahm 2. During March-April, July-August and November-December, they will work on Songahm 3.

Camo, Green and Purple Belts will train with Songahm 4 (Camo Belt form) from January through April; Songahm 5 (Green Belt form) from May through August; and In Wha 1 (Purple Belt form) from September through December.

Blue, Brown and Red Belts will train with In Wha 2 (Blue Belt form) from January through April; Choong Jung 1 (Brown Belt form) from May through August; and Choong Jung 2 (Red Belt form) from September through December.

Here are the videos for each individual form. Each form will open in a separate window:


SONGAHM 1 – White Belt Form


SONGAHM 2 – Orange Belt Form


SONGAHM 3 – Yellow Belt Form


SONGAHM 4 – Camo Belt Form


SONGAHM 5 – Green Belt Form


IN WHA 1- Purple Belt Form

(Note: In this form, the voice-over states the student will load on the “left” shoulder in preparation for the second square block… this load is actually done on the right side — the instructor in the video performs it correctly, however, if you are simply listening the voice over while practicing, then you should be aware of this difference.)


IN WHA 2 – Blue Belt Form


CHOONG JUNG 1 -Brown Belt Form


CHOONG JUNG 2 – Red Belt Form