College Bound Readiness Training!

Is your high-school senior ready for college? With several of our Black Belts approaching the end of their senior year in high school, the instructors at Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts (KFMA) can certainly relate to parents who are going through a mix of emotions as their teenagers prepare to graduate and to go off to college.

As we have been teaching in Tampa for 20 years, many of our students have been with us for more than 10 and even 15 years. Our Black Belts have some advantages when it comes to starting college, as they have been training in realistic self-defense for many years, and they have learned to develop a certain awareness when they are away from home. Most of them have also trained in our Toastmasters public speaking club, which leads to an increase in confidence in new social situations.

However, even if your child hasn’t been training in the martial arts, there is still plenty of time before the Fall Semester for your teenager to learn some basic skills and knowledge to stay safe in a new city. Our College Bound Readiness (CBR) training includes a curriculum of basic self-defense skills against an attack; how to Escape-Evade-Resist and in case of an active shooter event; preventing potential attacks at home or in an automobile; privacy protection; and Every Day Carry (EDC) without requiring the use of a firearm. Many campuses forbid carrying firearms, so while we can provide training in basic firearm safety and handling, we also will provide training in effective, alternative solutions.


This month, students are finishing up the school year with proms and graduations, and plans are being made for summer vacations. In the midst of these plans, please take a few minutes to discuss your child’s personal protection.

We will be running our CBR classes starting in June, and due to the nature of the training, class sizes will be very limited and will be co-taught by Chief Master Laura Kowkabany and Senior Master David Kowkabany. If you would like for us to put you on our waiting list, please give us a call at 813-891-0624, and we will send you more information as the dates are finalized. Thank you!

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