College Bound Readiness Training

Is your high-school senior ready for college? Do you have a teenager with plans to travel overseas during the summer months? With several students approaching the end of their senior year in high school, parents are going through a mix of emotions as their teenagers prepare to graduate and to go off to college. Is your child prepared?

Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts in Tampa, Florida offers a specialty course designed specifically for these situations.

Many high-school and college-aged kids have never been trained in realistic self-defense situations, nor have they learned to develop a certain awareness of their surroundings when they are away from home. Our College Bound Readiness (CBR) course will give them confidence in new social situations, as well as prepare them for the dangers of being in a new environment. There is still plenty of time before the Summer months and the Fall Semester for your teenager to learn some basic skills and knowledge to stay safe in a new city.

While these classes are designed with graduating seniors in mind, they are certainly open to all teens of high-school age. Our CBR training will cover basic, reality-based self-defense techniques developed by the Warrior Krav Maga system, an understanding of the basic principles of self-defense, how to assess new surroundings, travel safety and privacy protection, how to Escape-Evade-Resist during an active shooter event, preventing potential attacks at home, and how to use Every Day Carry (EDC) items for protection without requiring a firearm.

These courses are taught by Chief Master Laura Kowkabany and Senior Master David Kowkabany at a variety of times at our location in Monroes Business Park (just down the street from the Westchase location of the Tampa Bay Brewing Company). We can also customize this course for your specific sports travel team, mission group or class. For more information, please call us at 813-891-0624.