KFMA Earns Five State Titles!

Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts (KFMA) has focused on teaching realistic self-defense and traditional life skills (courtesy, respect, self-discipline, integrity) in a family atmosphere since we opened our doors in Tampa, Florida twenty years ago. Our students range from pre-school children through adults in their sixties, and many of our students enjoy the challenge of competing at the regional, national and international tournaments hosted by the American Taekwondo Association (ATAonline.com).

The final standings for the 2015 – 2016 tournament season were just posted, and Team Kowkabany’s Black Belts earned five new state titles in Sparring and Traditional Forms. Three of our Black Belts, including two adults and one teenager, have also qualified to compete against international competitors from six continents in the ATA Tournament of Champions for the chance to earn the title of World Champion. In the past, KFMA has earned 4 World Champion Titles in Sparring, Traditional Forms and Traditional Weapons, along with numerous Southeast District Titles and Florida State Titles.


While none of our students are required to compete, there are some very positive benefits from competing on such a large, and safe, tournament circuit. Everyone has heard the phrase “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” and that is one of the key values of competition. Prior to competing, students train harder, visualize success, sharpen their skills, and certainly improve their self-discipline as they prepare for their competition. No matter how a student places at the tournament, no matter what titles or trophies are earned, the student still walks away with improved physical and mental skills and is a better martial artist than if s/he had never competed.

In addition to the increase in confidence and focus a student develops, there is also the benefit of developing friendships with fellow competitors from around the world. At the ATA World Championships, competitors will travel from their home schools to join 4,000 other students and instructors for six days of fun, training, events and competition.  Recently, we have had students from the US, China, Australia, India, the Czech Republic, Mozambique, Portugal, the Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Peru, Uruguay, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Sweden, Korea and even Easter Island in attendance!

Competitions include individual events such as traditional forms, weapons and sparring, to combat weapons sparring and Xtreme and creative forms and weapons! Team events include synchronized demo teams as well as international sparring teams for teenagers and adults, some of which are even broadcast on ESPN live from Disney World.

Students begin training in the martial arts at KFMA for a variety of reasons: self-defense, fitness, personal improvement, weight-loss, competition, fellowship, or even a mixture of these reasons. It is never too late to start training, so feel free to give us a call at 813-891-0624 and we can get you started!