KFMA COLOR BELTS – At Home Training Resources – May – August 2023

Finding this training article on our website is a good sign that you’ve been working on the KFMA life skills of goal setting and self-discipline that we’ve been working on in class! All of our top student-athletes use these videos to supplement their in-school training with practice at home. The following material and videos will assist you with practicing your rank-specific requirements at home as you prepare for our Summer Rank Testings in June and August.

Below you will find our training videos broken into FOUR separate sections based on your current rank:

White Belts; Orange and Yellow Belts; Camo, Green and Purple Belts; and Blue, Brown and Red Belts.

First and foremost, please make sure that you are attending class regularly, as while this material is designed to supplement your training by helping you to practice correctly, it is not designed to teach you the specific techniques. Always ensure that you have learned your techniques first from Chief Masters Laura or David Kowkabany, as this will ensure that you are creating the proper habits for loading, chambering and executing your techniques.

Practice and repetition will help to build muscle memory so that your techniques can become an automatic response, but how you practice is important. Start by focusing on precise, proper technique, and once that is established, then you can focus on developing speed and power in your performance. Perfect practice will make for perfect performance! Pay close attention to the details, they are the difference between a good martial artist and an outstanding martial artist!

SPARRING COMBINATIONS: Your first goal is to learn the basic combination, and then to work on fluid motion so that you can perform it smoothly without losing the integrity of the individual techniques. The goal is to perform these similar to the way we actually free spar.

FORMS: The first element of the traditional forms is perfect, quality technique and stances – including loading your hand techniques properly and chambering and re-chambering your kicks. As you become comfortable with the pattern, then you should spend more time focusing on hand-foot timing and specific targets heights. A quality form should include fluid motion and power, as well as proper eye contact (looking at your ‘target’) and intensity. The only way to get to this level is through consistent practice.

One final note before we begin, please DO NOT practice material above your rank, as the techniques build upon each other over time.

To view these training videos, simply click on the links below and they will open in a separate tab.


White Belt sparring combinations


White Belt form – Songahm 1


White Belt one-steps





For the testing in June (training in May and June) please use these videos:

(Note: The material you will use to prepare for the August Rank Testing (training in July and August classes) will follow directly after.

Orange-Yellow sparring combinations


Orange Belt form – Songahm 2


Orange Belt One-steps



For July  – August, Orange and Yellow Belts should use these videos:

Orange-Yellow Sparring Combinations


Yellow Belt Form – Songahm 3


Yellow Belt One-Steps





Camo – Green Sparring Combinations



Green Belt Form – Songahm 5




Brown – Red Sparring Combinations



Brown Belt form – Choong Jung 1



Thank you for taking the time to practice at home, as this really will improve your abilities and will allow us to spend more time teaching you advanced attributes in your class.

Kowkabany’s Family Martial Arts has been teaching in Tampa, Florida for over 25 years, and our students range from age 3 to in their 70’s! We are located at 13910 Monroes Business Park (two doors down from the Tampa Bay Brewing Company). All of our classes are taught by Certified Instructors, Chief Master Laura Kowkabany and Chief Master David Kowkabany, and most are designed to allow families to train together!

Should you have any questions, please call us at 813-540-5528.